A strategic scholarship program is continued

The Data and Web Science (DWS) MSc Programme at the School of Informatics, Aristotle University, proudly announces that it will offer 2 full MSc scholarships again for the academic year 2021-22, funded by DeepMind, a pioneer in artificial intelligence research and its application to the real world.

The DeepMind scholarship program was launched at Aristotle University in October 2020 and has offered tremendous opportunities to this year’s scholars, who have gained unique experiences, DeepMind mentoring, and the chance to connect with an international community of peers. DWS students and the wider Faculty community also had the opportunity to open their scientific horizons thanks to a talk given by DeepMind scientists.

2020-21 Scholars expressed their gratitude and encourage new applicants to join:

My experience with the DeepMind Scholarship is one of the most exciting ones. We had the opportunity to communicate with great scientists and be so inspired by them. The valuable help from mentors is really priceless too. Not only did DeepMind host events that were very informative for candidates who seek a job in the field of Data Science and AI, but also they created joyful workshops for the international scholars to communicate with each other. I am really glad and honored to be part of DeepMind’s Scholarship, which provides support to students from under-represented groups around the globe and has a great impact on the AI community in general.

George Michoulis, 2020-21 DWS Deepmind Scholar

As a Scholar, DeepMind has supported me in heading towards an exciting new path in my studies that I have always wanted to follow. Through the interaction with my mentor, I got a glimpse of how one of the leading-edge organizations in AI works, discussed several important AI topics, and had so many questions answered on the topic of Machine Learning. I also received great advice on how to find and secure a place in the labour market, with tips on CV building and technical interviews. Finally, I was able to interact with scholars from across the world via fun and exciting remote events.

Will Moschopoulos 2020-21 DWS Deepmind Scholar.

Those interested need to apply to the DWS MSc program this academic year (2021-22) to be considered for the DeepMind scholarships, and all eligible students who are offer-holders on the course will be automatically considered. Candidates for these scholarships at AUTH must also be ordinarily resident in a member state of the European Union, not able to take up the offer of admission without financial assistance; and from one or more of the following underrepresented groups: low-income students, and/or female, and/or underrepresented ethnic minorities.

The DWS Scholarships selection Committee will consider ONLY first semester 2021-22 enrolled eligible students as candidates for the scholarships, and will reach its decision, subject to the national legislation regarding Universities, in the most transparent manner.

Applications for the DWS MSc have opened on April 1st. Find out more and apply.