Guest Talk, Dr. Yannis Papanikolaou, Senior Machine Learning Scientist, Healx

09 December 2021


16:30 - 17:30

On Thursday, December 9, at 4:30pm, our MSc programme will have the pleasure and honor of hosting online Yannis Papanikolaou, Senior Machine Learning Scientist at Healx, who will give a talk entitled: “Information Extraction from Biomedical Text for Drug Discovery”.

Zoom link:

Abstract: Structured biomedical knowledge as found in biomedical Knowledge Bases (KBs) takes most often the form of head-relation-tail triples (eg drug-treats-disease) and is the main enabler behind biomedical Knowledge Graphs, reasoning algorithms and other drug discovery tools. Nevertheless, the knowledge that is stored in KBs is outpaced by advances in the biomedical domain. Mining the biomedical literature has proven to increase substantially coverage of the biomedical knowledge, especially for rare diseases or less studied pathologies or compounds. In this talk, I will present the background, main methods and my recent work behind Information Extraction for biomedical text. I will also briefly describe industry applications and companies trying to
solve the aforementioned problems.

Dr. Yannis Papanikolaou, received his Electrical and Computer Engineering diploma from NTUA, Athens in 2008. He holds a PhD from Computer Science Dept, AUTH in NLP/Machine Learning (2014-2018). He has then worked remotely in a number of companies and start-ups: Atypon (Athens), Healx (Cambridge), Supportiv (Berkeley, CA) as a Machine Learning Engineer/Scientist, currently being a senior ML scientist for Healx. He has published papers in JMLR, Neural Networks, EMNLP, AKBC.