Career Talk, Antonia Gogoglou, Machine Learning Software Engineer, Facebook

10 May 2021



On Monday, May 10, at 7pm, our MSc programme will have the pleasure and honor of hosting online Antonia Gogoglou, Machine Learning Software Engineer at Facebook, who will give a talk entitled: “From Thessaloniki to Silicon Valley: A Journey in Machine Learning”.

Zoom link:

From Thessaloniki to Silicon Valley: A Journey in Machine Learning. In this talk, I will share my journey from undergraduate studies in Electrical and Computer Engineering to Computer Science research and finally to the tech industry. I will share my experiences in Machine Learning both in an academic and industry setting and talk about my personal views on the challenges the field and its practitioners face.

Dr Antonia Gogoglou is a Machine Learning Software Engineer at Facebook Inc. working on algorithmic fairness on Instagram platform. She holds a Diploma of Electrical and Computer Engineering from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and a PhD in Computer Science from the Department of Informatics by the same university. She is a Marie Curie RISE fellow and during her PhD studies she was a research intern for the ENCASE project working on detecting malicious activity towards minors in Online Social Networks like Twitter. After graduation, she joined a healthcare startup in Washington DC working on entity resolution in healthcare services. In 2018 she became a machine learning engineering manager at Capital One Financial Services, a US based financial corporation, leading a group in the Applied Research department that took on Graph Representation Learning for personalized financial services and fraud detection. Her team’s work has been featured at KDD, ICML, NeurIPS and other industry leading conferences on Machine Learning. Since January 2021, she works on Instagram platform focusing on the intersection between machine learning and algorithmic fairness.